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Welcome to my website!

2010/07/30 at 15:12

On these pages you can find my publications and talks on sustainability, degrowth, ecological economics, corporate responsibility, systems theory and organizational change within the next society. I also started a science blog in which I will post ideas, thoughts and notes from the field of sustainability science, research and education. Particularly I am interested in research collaborations and new ideas for sustainability research and practice. Enjoy and feel free to contact me!

Between Capitalism and Subsistence

2014/12/29 at 16:40

At the Degrowth 2014 Conference in Leipzig, we were discussing the issue of postgrowth practices in production and consumption, how those are developing within business and consumer contexts and transform each other. Production and consumption appears to coevolve in front of a degrowth, postgrowth or “transitions” reference frame, with emerging concepts like the sharing of products, collaboration for producing and distributing energy and food, subsistence work and subsistence tools in Fabrication Laboratories, the rise of commons-based thinking and so forth. At the same time traditional companies operating within a classical capitalist setting are hijacking these ideas and turn them into business cases, especially within the so-called sharing economy. Capitalizing the results of post-growth practices e.g. copying a social innovation like carsharing might not harm its potential for transforming the economy in both production and consumption. However, there is a thin line between results and foundations and if the very foundations of post-growth practices are […]

Underneath our skin: the new economy beyond growth

2014/12/23 at 20:42

This is a very rough transcript of an interview done with Justin Ritchie and Seth Moser-Katz from the Extraenvironmentalist, a great “podcast, blog and video series that explores the mindset of an outsider looking in on Earth” – and a way of thinking as they proclaim. The original podcast from which this transcript has been produced (by myself, so all errors are exclusively my fault) can be found on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/extraenvironmentalist/episode-83-1-andr-reichel-are   André Reichel (AR): If we want to restrict global climate change to about 2C we need emissions reductions in the range of 8 to 10 % per year. These are the scientific facts; you cannot debate them. But if we have reductions that are 8 to 10% per year for a prolonged period of time, no economist can tell you how we are going to have continuing GDP growth. Even Nicholas Stern, the preeminent climate economist, has noted that […]

It’s Postgrowth, Stupid!

2014/09/23 at 19:07

The recent report on ‘Better Growth, Better Climate’ immediately resonated strongly with the media and policy makers. In a nutshell, the report argues that we can have everything: inclusive growth and development, better climate and ecosystem stability, and most likely we also can save the whales. I don’t want to belittle the strategic intent of the report and its drive towards very sensible policies in the light of an ever-increasing global ecological crisis. I especially welcome its focus on cities as a level of transformational government, the plea for establishing a low-carbon infrastructure, and a cut to non-sustainable subsidies in the energy sector. This will all be necessary for tackling climate change, but also for providing a decent life for us and our children. Blind faith in growth… What puzzles me, however, while reading the report is the blind faith in growth itself. Let me be absolutely precise here: growth […]

Postgrowth Europe: The Next Big Civilization Experiment?

2014/08/22 at 09:04

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog article on “The End of Europe“. The motivation behind it was this nagging feeling that something went wrong on the old continent, that something along the way to European integration got lost – the heart and soul of Europe and what this European project is about. For 500 years, Europe was about civilization – and dominance, colonization, exploitation of people and planet, bloody wars at home and abroad; but also great successes in the progress of humanity, with the formulation (and “sacralization” according to Hans Joas) of human rights, born out of the European traumata so inseparably connected to its cruel history. Europe, first and foremost, is not a geographical expression but an idea. And today it seems that Europe lost its idea. I wanted not only to analyze the reasons why Europe lost its ideational foundation but also how the emerging discourse, the emerging activism […]